Stones’ Phones Takes Home Two Reed Awards!

Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Team Stones’ Phones is excited to take home two Campaigns & Elections Reed Awards this year, hosted last week in Las Vegas, Nevada, for our new, innovative phone campaigns.

Stones’ Phones won the award for “Best Automated Phone Call for Statewide or Federal Candidate” for Going the Extra Mile (or Six), using our new “Catch and Release” program to push U.S. Senator Tom Udall across the finish line to victory in partnership with Dan Sena and the New Mexico Democratic Party.

Team Stones’ also received the award for “Best Live Phone Call for Independent Expenditure” for GOTV 2.0: Convincing Yourself to Vote, for our work with the League of Conservation Voters, helping U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen overcome a last minute surge from Republican Scott Brown to prevail in a close race in New Hampshire.

Both winning programs utilized our groundbreaking new GOTV tactics – Convince Yourself to Vote and Catch and Release – that prove that Stones’ Phones is the still the most innovative phone campaign firm in Democratic politics.

The Reed Awards “embody excellence in political campaigning, campaign management, political consulting, and political design,” which is exactly our mantra!