State of the Environmental Union

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Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy joined Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) President Fred Krupp for a live Telephone Town Hall response to President Obama’s State of the Union speech. They discussed topics ranging from carbon pollution standards to natural gas to the importance of taking your kids outside to play.

Administrator McCarthy took time to lay out the Obama Administration’s environmental and energy agenda for the coming year and warned of significant obstacles ahead. She said that climate deniers are working hard to undermine proposed rules limiting carbon pollution and emphasized that climate change is a “global problem that needs a global solution.” She also expressed her concern over the public health impacts related to climate change, including more frequent and severe asthma attacks.

Administrator McCarthy was excited about the enthusiasm for grassroots activism shown by participants on the call. She reiterated that both she and the President realize that “without groups like EDF, our ability to really move our mission forward would simply not be as possible as it is today.”

At Stones’ Phones, we are thrilled to be able to facilitate important conversations with organizations, individuals, and candidates that are committed to pushing progressive public policy forward. Please take the time to listen below and tell us what you think at! Also, check out EDF’s blog post on the event here.

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