Real American Conversations on The Government Shutdown

Our Real American Conversations program kicked off this week with an impassioned Telephone Town Hall on the government shutdown featuring Progressive Congress Executive Director Dr. Gabriela Lemus. Progressive Congress is a nonprofit organization that advocates for a united progressive movement and advancement of public policy.   

Real American Conversations is a series of Telephone Town Halls powered by Stones’ Phones that encourage discussions about the important issues facing Americans today.

Last night’s Telephone Town Hall was full of questions from concerned citizens who are feeling the effects of a government shutdown in their daily lives, from social security to Head Start Programs. One theme was consistent throughout the Telephone Town Hall: the participants were eager to talk to about their frustration with partisan gridlock in Washington and wished their elected representatives would end the shutdown now.

Through our Real American Conversations series, we will reach out and engage with citizens across the country, shining a light on solutions that will help push public policy forward. When you encourage people to join a thoughtful conversation about the future, it improves our democracy from the ground up.