The Power of Patch-Through Calls: How Direct Communication Can Impact Your Legislators

Recently, Emily Ellsworth, a former staffer for Representatives Jason Chaffetz and Chris Stewart, took to Twitter to give several tips on how to grab legislators’ attention and make constituents’ voices heard. She described the experience with emails and phones from an insider’s perspective. Major media outlets like the New York Times and Huffington Post were quick to spread her advice.

This is what she tweeted about receiving emails from constituents:

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The story is clearly different with ringing phones:

But Phones!.jpg


When hearing a constituent concern over the phone, the staffers feel a personal connection and it’s much easier for them to evaluate the urgency of the issue. Voters get to deliver a personal message which is heard by key staffers.




At Stones’ Phones we have made advocacy with Members of Congress and community leaders more personal, effective, and time saving. With our patch-through calls ordinary citizens are transformed into political activists.

The best way to get a timely response from legislators and get your message across is through direct communication. Patch-through calls have a proven track record of influencing lawmakers to support or oppose legislation.

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