Stones' Phones

Stones' Phones

Identifying Influentials

Traditional ID calls are a cornerstone of any campaign. These calls help measure the support for a candidate, organization or issue. At Stones’ Phones, we take them a step further and have developed a way to help campaigns cheaply identify their “Influential” supporters and persuasion targets – voters who won’t stop talking about politics and current events. …

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Putting Up Yard Signs: Steps to Success

Some believe the key to a successful grassroots movement is through stakes in the ground—yard signs. Yard signs are an excellent way to build name recognition, excite your supporters, provide ‘free’ publicity and can get your neighbors talking. However we also know that yard sign wars can get messy… During Loretta Sanchez’s Congressional campaign in …

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Why Patch-Through Calls Work

Activists wish that getting their issues taken seriously by elected officials were as easy as sending an email, but that rarely gets the job done. Real stories from real people aren’t as cheap as cookie-cutter emails, but the reactions they receive from their elected officials are priceless. Patch-Through programs are an effective tool in advocacy outreach …

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Patch-Through Calls: Live Versus Auto

Patch-through calls are a classic grassroots lobbying technique for organizations to mobilize their members or voters towards taking action. Calls from constituents to legislative offices remain an effective tool to persuade an elected official to support or vote down a particular bill. Our years of experience running patch-through campaigns creates more effective patches. One frequent question we receive …

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Former Senator Max Baucus Says Patch-Through Calls Work

Patch-through calls are a powerful tool in making sure elected officials hear from their constituents. Organizations and campaigns have been using patch-through calls for years to get their message to legislators with deeply personal calls from regular people. Many people wonder how effective these calls are. Do elected officials in Congress and state houses across the …

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Patch Calls Protect Civil Rights in Red States

While Congress and many state legislatures are under Republican control, that doesn’t mean progressives can’t win legislative battles and protect civil rights from being rolled back.   In August 2017, the Texas state legislature tried and ultimately failed to pass an anti-transgender “bathroom bill”. This bill aimed to restrict public schools and other state-funded facilities from allowing …

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