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Voice Capture

Nothing cuts through the static of talking heads, advertisements and the 24-hour news-cycle like a familiar voice. Stones’ Phones understands the influence a human voice can have on policy makers, which is why we have been at the forefront of voice capture technology, using real words from everyday Americans to bypass the media white noise and directly connect with elected officials.

Stones' Phones doesn’t stop there. By incorporating voice capture messages into websites and social networking outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, we can build powerful grassroots support. 


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Voice Capture Case Studies


Saving lives by personalizing the issue of smoking in the workplace

The Challenge Big tobacco doesn’t like to lose. The industry flexes its considerable financial muscle in each fight – and infamously will block legislation that hurts them, so no changes can occur.  In 2010, smoking in workplaces, bars and restaurants wa...

Communications Workers of America

Direct Deposit

Getting past the Congressional gatekeepers is a problem that every organization faces, but Stones’ Phones has developed a number of strategies to deliver your message – and the messages of your supporters – directly to the people that matter. The Communic...

Virginian Voices on Uranium

the Governor needed to hear from real Virginians

In Virginia, the State Senate had defeated a bill which would allow uranium mining, but pressure was building on the Governor to move mining forward regardless of the Senate vote. We knew that the best way to counter this pressure was to have the Governor...