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Telephone Town HallS

At Stones’ Phones we believe in the power of conversation. From local neighborhood councils to the United States Congress, conversations are how Americans come together to discuss and act on the issues of the day. We have made connecting ordinary citizens to political and community leaders a priority, and Telephone Town Halls help us do just that.

Functioning much like a radio call-in show, Telephone Town Halls simultaneously connect thousands of people with their elected officials or organization leaders from the comfort of their own home.


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NEW! Become The Talk Of The Town

Marty Stone released his first book, Become The Talk Of The Town, which provides tools, techniques and insider insight into running successful telephone town halls. For a limited time you can reserve your free copy. 




Want to know more about how many people your organization or campaign should call for a Telephone Town Hall?

We've compiled data from our years of Telephone Town Hall experience to give you our Telephone Town Hall Participation Calculator.


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There's a lot going on behind the scenes of every Telephone Town Hall. See what it takes to put on a stellar event.



Telephone Town Hall Case Studies

JOE SESTAK, Candidate, 2010 Democratic Primary for Senate, PA

Creating a Telephone Town Hall evangelist

The Challenge Joe Sestak was no household name. He had been a member of Congress for only four years in one congressional district in suburban Philadelphia. He was thrust into the spotlight against an opponent who had experience, name recognition, and me...

Congressional Lobby Sessions

Working with Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Most non-profits hold Congressional Lobby Days on the Hill so their members can lobby their Senators and Representatives in person. Lobby Days are powerful tools for advocacy, but they have significant logistical hurdles that Telephone Town Halls can over...

2011 Rhode Island Pension Reform

Big Mobilization in Little Rhode Island

In 2011, public employees were under attack across the entire country. In Rhode Island that attack was directed at all public employee pensions.  In order for public employees to protect their pensions, it was crucial for them to stand together and Teleph...