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Patch-Through Calls

At the core of the Stones’ Phones philosophy is a desire to connect voters with their elected officials and community leaders. While cynics complain about the growing disconnect between public officials and the communities they represent, Stones’ Phones knows how to turn everyday citizens into political activists. We strive to bridge the gap between the halls of Congress or the Statehouse and the halls in your own home. It all begins with a simple phone call.

Stones’ Phones has years of experience running patch-through campaigns and has perfected the art of connecting ordinary citizens with lawmakers. 

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Patch-Through Case Studies

National Harbor casino and table games

Live Patch Through for Public Advocacy

In 2008, voters in Maryland approved five casinos with only slot machines.  In 2012, Prince George’s County and National Harbor wanted to build a casino with table games (such as poker and blackjack) at National Harbor to capitalize on its location next t...

National Public Pension Coalition

stop any lame duck legislation

Following the lead of other states, the Michigan Legislature spent much of 2012 fighting over how to “reform” public employee pensions. By the end of the year the Legislature had already passed one reform bill for Michigan teachers, and there was growing ...

We Are Ohio 2011

deploying an unique, automated patch through campaign

In 2011, We Are Ohio, like many organizations found itself fighting the same issues year after year. In particular, We Are Ohio found was fighting anti-collective bargaining bills every session, and they wanted that to stop.   To combat this perennial i...