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Live Calls

One of the keys to running a successful advocacy campaign is mobilizing grassroots activists. We have found that the best way to do this is to identify your influential voters. Influentials get excited about political issues, and will bring your message to their friends and neighbors in an organic way. During our call programs, we have found that between 10% and 33% of the electorate are “talkers” (those who speak with 10 or more people outside their household about politics) or “super-talkers” (those who speak with 20 or more).

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Live Call Case Studies

SG&A Campaigns

implementing a bilingual live call program

Redistricting had left the California 47th district without an incumbent. And the field became crowded as the June 2012 primary approached. Although Alan Lowenthal had strong Democrat support, to build momentum in the open primary, he needed to pull suppo...

Santa Clara Healthy Kids Program

providing persuasion through live IDs

The Healthy Kids program in Santa Clara had slowly been running out of money since it was established in 2001, and the number of kids covered had dropped from 13,000 to 8,400. Although 2011 was not a good year for initiatives that would raise taxes especi...

Washington Education Association

capturing thousands of voices and signatures through live calls

In 2011 teachers unions faced criticism and attacks across the country. In Washington specifically, teachers faced attacks on multiple issues, including changes in healthcare, salary freezes and a battle over class size. After working with the Washington ...