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Fundraising with Phones

Marty Stone loves fundraising.  If you want to get him excited just mention fundraising and he’ll talk your ear off about it.  In fact, when Marty was the Finance Director for the DSCC during the 1990 election cycle he developed their first telemarketing program. Stones’ Phones is still innovating in fundraising by utilizing phone technology.


Fundraising Telephone Town Halls

There’s a reason candidates and organization leaders spend so much of their time asking for money: they’re in the best position to make “the ask.”  With our Fundraising Telephone Town Halls, we take your campaign or organization’s best asset and deploy it on a massive scale that feels like a mix between a massive conference call and a Telethon.  We’ve successfully run events raising money from both prospecting and re-solicit lists for organizations and political campaigns.  The key to a successful event is the script and timing of “the ask.”


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Elizabeth Warren 2012 Senate Campaign

connecting a candidate directly to her supporters

Elizabeth Warren was a fundraising powerhouse and wanted to make sure her grassroots donors knew how appreciative she was of their support. Most donors gave through her website after joining the campaign’s e-mail list, but as the negative stories increase...

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Raising awareness and funds through telephone town halls

In late 2012 and early 2013, we used Telephone Town Halls to raise awareness and funds for PETA. After a June Telephone Town Hall, PETA followed up with participants on the call and raised $55,000 in donations. By August, the donations totaled over $91,00...

Equality Florida 2011

It’ll Get Better: a New Way to Grow

With Presidential primaries, workers rights and a stuttering economy dominating office conversations, Equality Florida was looking for a way to reach out to existing members and modeled likely LGBT supporters to inform and fundraise in support of the LGBT...