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Automated Calls

One of the most popular and cost-effective phone tactics for campaigns are automated phone messages, which can be directly recorded by the candidate, community leader or organization principal. An automated call can be used to broadcast an endorsement message, enhance get out the vote efforts or to advertise town hall meetings and other important events. Stones’ Phones edits each recording to ensure clarity. Automated calls can also be recorded in multiple languages for candidates with diverse districts. The calls can run over multiple days to increase the likelihood of delivering the message. 


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Automated Call Case Studies

Colorado Conservation Voters Education Fund

a cheaper and faster way to have conversations with voters on a larger scale

We know that social pressure and plan-making are the most effective way to increase the likelihood that people will vote. But we were looking for a cheaper and faster way to have the same plan-making and social pressure conversations with voters on a larg...

Unusual Way of using auto calls

tactics for independent expenditures

Auto calls are a great resource for independent expenditures (IEs). When the candidate is an unknown player, IEs often help to establish legitimacy and favorability.   Using surrogates to help highlight a candidate’s authenticity can be especially appea...

The 2012 Missouri Senate campaign

delivering a push-button automated call

In the 2012 Missouri Senate campaign it was all over the news that Todd Akin had said “legitimate rape” victims rarely get pregnant, but Planned Parenthood needed to let Missouri women know that he wasn’t just talking, he was acting. Akin had taken voted ...