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Real American Conversations: 2014 Midterm Elections


Last night, Stones’ Phones hosted a nationwide Telephone Town Hall as part of an ongoing series of Real American Conversations. Journalist and author Sasha Issenberg and our own Marty Stone discussed on the upcoming 2014 midterm election cycle and new campaign technology. Issenberg highlighted the change in American politics and the challenge turning out those who don’t typically vote in the midterm elections. Marty discussed the success of our Adopt-A-Voter technique and our Influential program.  

Issenberg spoke about the importance of mobilizing nonvoters to the polls for Democrats. “They (Democrats) need to find them, reach them and have a meaningful interaction with them” to get these nonvoters to turnout. Marty echoed Issenberg’s statement, remarking that the power of conversations, through a medium such as a Telephone Town Hall, can help motivate and assemble these crucial nonvoters in midterm elections, which have lower turnout rates than Presidential elections.

The Telephone Town Hall also featured questions from participants, many of whom were interested in hearing an “insider” prospective on the 2014 election. Topics ranged from integrating social media campaigns with big data, issue motivated voting, and new grassroots methods.

Real American Conversations encourages discussions with Americans across the country about important current events and is hosted by Kevin Walling of Stones’ Phones. By participating in powerful dialogue, we shine a light on possible solutions that will increase the Democratic process.

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