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Real American Conversation: GOTV Strategies with Raul Alvillar

Continuing our series of Real American Conversations, Stones' Phones hosted a national Telephone Town Hall last night. Democratic National Committee National Political Director Raul Alvillar and our very own Marty Stone discussed the importance of the upcoming midterm elections and how Democrats can successfully motivate voters to get to the polls. Raul emphasized the importance of the midterm elections as they have a great impact on the coming Presidential election. Marty mentioned our Catch-and-Release program’s potential to get people to vote and also the recognition the program has received for its success.  


Alvillar recognized that this work is difficult but that it is “work we, as Democrats, know how to do” and that DNC is in the business of winning elections. Marty followed this up by mentioning how a focus on social pressure in the modern world is doing a great deal to get people to the polls. Specifically, Marty brought up that people should talk to others about voting and that this pressure from friends and family would go a long ways to driving people to vote.


During this event, people from all over the country were able to ask questions of our speakers by simply pressing "0". They generally centered on what specifically Democrats, both individually and collectively, could do in order to make sure our base makes it out to vote in November.


Real American Conversations allows people from all over the country to discuss events impacting their lives and is hosted by Stones' Phones’ Kevin Walling. It is our hope that by allowing people to participate in such a discussion, we can find solutions that better our political experience. 

Listen to the whole event here