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Marty Stone


Campaigns and politics are part of the DNA of the Stone family. Marty brings to his clients more than 34 years of political experience in both the legislative and electoral fields. A former U.S. Congressional candidate himself, he brings demonstrated insights and deep experience to his clients' electoral campaigns, strategizing for hundreds of candidates and causes over the years. Marty has also worked on hundreds of Congressional races as the former PAC director, California director, and Western States director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. He has served as the finance director for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

An expert on special elections, Marty has a proven track record on winning when the turnout is low. He is able to pivot quickly with changing circumstances and execute at the fast pace required of special elections experience that has proven extremely useful for all his clients. And with substantial work with recounts, he knows how to get his candidates seated even after Election Day. His legislative background spans both progressive and corporate causes. He has served as vice president for government relations for AGRISystems and has worked with the National Democratic Institute in Bosnia, Croatia, and Azerbaijan on a pro-bono basis. Marty's past experience also includes working as a media consultant with Laguens, Hamburger, Stone.

A graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, he is the proud father of Stella Quincy Stone. If campaigning gets into her blood, it won't be a surprise. Marty's grandmother, Lillian, was a suffragette who practiced civil disobedience and his mother ran school bond campaigns. Drawing on his roots and a wide range of political and strategic experience, Marty, along with his brother Paul, launched Stones' Phones in 2000 to provide affordable, cutting-edge phone solutions for campaigns. Ever since, Marty hasn't looked back - or down, especially when ascending the rock-climbing wall that is the centerpiece of his office.